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Topic: Brousing files/folders in a Windows like workgroup
started by: mourafa

Posted by mourafa on June 02 2008,20:31
Team, I am a noobie in linux and DSL, with DSL 4.3 in frugal install, and willing to get added to a windows like workgroup, so that from my DSL pc I can browse/share files/folders in other pcs in the workgroup, and viceversa other pcs accessing files/folders in my DSL pc.
Note that I can already use "smbtree" and "smbclient", via ATerm, and SMBclient, via menu DSL/Apps/Net ... having managed to access known shared folders/files in a windows pc, within a prompt  with DOS commands, and I'm not sure if I would be able copy/transfer files between the DSL and the windows pcs.
1) Is there a GUI with which I can do it? So far I haven't figured out a way to do it with the DSL FileMgr.
2) How do we set the PCname, WorkGroupname, etc? (So far I haven't figured out in DSL how to do it)
3) Do I miss something? Do I need to install SAMBA?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Edition1: I also wanted to know, if it is possible, how to do a search for files using the FileMgr (EmelFM).
Edition2: I found in /mnt/hda5/opt/samba the file "smb.conf" but I don't know how to make a use of it.

Posted by curaga on June 03 2008,12:34
You can copy files in smbclient back and forth, use get and put.
Both samba extensions (one in net and one in testing) include linneighbourhood, a graphical frontend to samba, which I guess you're looking for. It looks like this: < >

Also, you can mount a share to a directory, and then use any file manager to browse it. I don't remember if smbmount/mount.smb was in DSL base.

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