How to give "nodhcp" boot code at startup?

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Topic: How to give "nodhcp" boot code at startup?
started by: =SERGE=

Posted by =SERGE= on July 29 2008,05:29

to assign an ip address manually I have to
give "nodhcp" command to the kernel at startup.

How to do it when in my case dsl is installed at HD and there is GRUB comes up immediatly so there is no prompt to pass the nodhcp command?

Thank you

Posted by chaostic on July 29 2008,05:39
Add nodhcp to the grub command/boot line.
Posted by curaga on July 29 2008,08:41
The file to edit is /boot/grub/menu.lst :)
Posted by =SERGE= on July 31 2008,05:27
Thank you

I made as suggested.
I found in the /boot/grub/menu.lst file
the line #boot (at the and of the file), took out # sign and then wrote nodhcp.

Still I'm not sure it worked because at startup
I can read system message:
Network device eth0 detected. DHCP broadcasting for IP (Backgrounding)

It seems if it did work and there is still DHCP working.

Am I right or wrong?

I need static ip.

Posted by Juanito on July 31 2008,05:59
You need to put the boot code at the end of the line starting with "kernel"
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