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started by: lovdsl

Posted by lovdsl on Oct. 04 2008,03:53
I had to change isp's and I have a dial-up account..I am useing dsl2.2 on a usb worked great with the old provider...the external modem works with win and two other linux on the new account but no longer my dsl...I do have a new live cd but the thumb has all my stuff on it still.

can anyone help me get back online.

the modem dials and sends the signal three times then posts
connect script failed

I changed the etc/resolve.config dns a couple of times but same

thanks for any info on what the problem is

Posted by lovdsl on Oct. 05 2008,17:49
It was really fun while it lasted.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Oct. 05 2008,19:20
I guess that means you gave up...?  You have to be patient.

In any case, what I assume to be /etc/resolv.conf does not usually have to do anything with the initial connection.  You could post what you have done "with win and two other linux on the new account"

Posted by lovdsl on Oct. 06 2008,21:04
I still want it but have no more ability and await your more expert assistance.

I have win 95, 98, me, xp on relative machined. the linux are slackware and or variations of. the modems are various internal except for the external required to run dsl on the xp box. all worked fine prior to the new isp

with the new isp I did nothing to the machines but change the standard, number. the win me on the laptop seemes to also dial and send the info three times but then connects without issues..I do not connect xp to the account but used the external and booted dsl via usb thumb for access on the box. as mentioned in the original post, when I click connect it dials the number and sends info three times but rather than connect I get a post that says ^ carrier or something else then connect script failed.

the reason I mentioned etc/resolve.config is that with the slackware although it connected fine I was unable to access google or various other pages but easily accessed sites as this one..It was suggested on another forum to use a different number set(dns?) which solved the problem.

In this case ( the external) I am not connecting at all and did not know what would be possible issues. I tested the modem which seems to work, the dsl on thunb with external worked fine the last time booted on old provider. so I thought it may be really was fun to use and is currently unavailable...and thanks if anyone has anything that helps me understand what is the issue..and get back on line...although I can use the others it was this that I was actually useing every day.....the slackwares are installed to hd and tested online but used for other purpose currently

I did try the newer live dsl 4.4.3 cd but the dialog box disappears when I click create account..being relatively happy with what I had I would like to get it working.


The modems in the other boxs are isa, aquired for linux and the xp box has no isa slots and a winmodem that is not linux friendly, thus the external, which was suggested during my initial use of linux. thus I could only test the external on them.
currently patients is forced somewhat as I am busy (thought I was patient), but hoped that another post may prompt response..and did...sorry

ya long and likely no helpfulls (usefull info)..what info is helpfull for you?

thanks for any

Posted by humpty on Oct. 06 2008,22:19
gee, it's a long time since i used dial-up.
but if the same setup was working with your old isp, then
there can't be anything wrong with the modem.

the only differences i can tell between isp's is
1. the login prompts are different (e.g user: or username:,
   password: or enter password:)
2. the authentication protocols e.g chap, pap..etc.

Posted by lovdsl on Oct. 07 2008,01:24
I finally found the live cd I used to install to the thumb...will try when I have a few...if it works then the thumb is messed up.

Posted by lovdsl on Oct. 10 2008,20:08
well...there is nothing wrong with the thumb drive....the solution seems to be that if I drop the port speed down to 19200 then it connects but anything above responds with alarm failed connectscript failed...Oh fun I can chuck the 200 dollar 56k external and use the old 14.4 external...what is up with that.
And tells me to update the browser..on another system it says the same and when I update the browser, they tell me to update the browser...and before I can logout I get disconnected likely due to the slow speed..this is not fun...
what is the solution? use xp with IE..that's not going to happen.

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