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Topic: Buffalo Tech WLI-CB-G54HP & DSL 4.4.6
started by: lkraemer

Posted by lkraemer on Oct. 07 2008,21:59
I am running DSL 4.4.6 LIVECD on an old Compaq 1672 350 MHZ K6-2, 192 Meg Ram, 80 Gig Hard Drive, with a PCMCIA Buffalo Tech WLI-CB-G54HP Wifi Card.  I can't get the control panel to properly configure the Wifi card.  I can make the card work if I do the following as root in a terminal window:
ndiswrapper /ramdisk/home/dsl/bcmwl5.inf
ndiswrapper -l
modprobe ndiswrapper     (turns on the LINK LED)
iwconfig                         (Blinks the POWER LED Once)
then open the control panel, click on DHCP Client, then click NetCardConfig, set to:  wlan0,  dhcp, accept & exit, then open Firefox.

Ndiswrapper in the control panel appears to not load the drivers for bcmwl5.inf propely.  If I do a ndiswrapper -l in a terminal window, it says they are loaded and the hardware is present, but the LED's never come on and it never works.  By removing them with ndiswrapper -e bcmwl5 and loading from a terminal window, I can make the LED's come on when I issue a modprobe ndiswrapper.

I'm no expert on Wifi or DSL, but I am using the compaq to send this help request.  I never had this type of problem with prior versions.  What can I do to help you track down this problem?
I need specific Terminal commands, please!

Thanks for DSL.


Posted by roberts on Oct. 09 2008,04:37
Since it works from a term session then likely you just need to slow things down. Using the GUI from the control panel creates a mynis.sh in your home directory. Instead of typing those commands each time. Try booting with nodhcp and then run the mydis.sh script. If you need add some sleep commands to give time for your card to register.
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