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Topic: PCMCIA card not recognized - very weird
started by: weirdo

Posted by weirdo on Oct. 16 2008,18:34
I have a very weird problem.  I have a Realtek 8139-based PCMCIA network card that is not detected in DSL in either of my two sony laptops.

Theres the twist at the end:

When I put the same PCMCIA card into a PCMCIA -> PCI adapter which is installed in my desktop computer and boot using the same DSL CD, the network card is recognized.  This is a great mystery.  Anyone know what gives?  Its important I get the PCMCIA card working in the laptop.  Please help!

(It can't be done is not an option, as I will hack if need be) :)

Posted by curaga on Oct. 19 2008,12:39
Seems like a pcmcia problem in your Sony laptops. Can you try another pcmcia card?
Does a search with the models of those here bring any results?

Then there are a number of boot codes that can get your pcmcia bus working. First that comes to mind is pcmcia=assign-busses

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