how to identify dhcp server ?

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Topic: how to identify dhcp server ?
started by: bjhbjh

Posted by bjhbjh on Oct. 23 2008,19:07

How can I identify the ip of the dhcp server that gave my dsl box its ip address? Its done by ipconfig in Windows but ifconfig doesn't seem to give you that info.

Have Googled the question but none of the general linux responses seem to apply to dsl. Or I am dumb.


Brian H.
Uxbridge Ont

Posted by chaostic on Oct. 23 2008,22:16
Pump is the dhcp client on dsl 3/4.
pump -i eth0 --status
to get the dhcp info on the eth0 interface.

If udhcpc is being used instead (Busybox dhcp client) then there is no easy way (that I can find). Quickest is to look at what the default gateway is with the "route" command. More often then not, the gateway will also be the dhcp server.

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