can't connect to my router

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Topic: can't connect to my router
started by: 10112

Posted by Guest on Dec. 05 2008,22:17
to connect to the internet, I was suggested to use the 'internet' tab to access a GUI. couldn't find the GUI or said tab.

any ideas on this subject ?

also... where can i get CMake or Git ?

Posted by WDef on Dec. 06 2008,23:22
What type of internet connection do you have?

If broadband, if you boot DSL with your machine connected to the router (broadband box) you will very likely already be connected.

If you need to configure things the place to start is right mouse click -> apps ->net

Re: Git - there is a uci extension in the MyDSL repo.

CMake - I don't recall seeing a cmake extension.  To compile things, you should use the compile.uci extension in the MyDSL repo.

Be sure to read the wiki and search the forum.

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