How do i connect to my preferred wireless network?

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Topic: How do i connect to my preferred wireless network?
started by: TuNiX

Posted by TuNiX on Dec. 09 2008,20:50
i used CF disk formatted to ext3, installed to hard drive, installed grub boot loader, located drivers for wireless card, ndiswrapper and modprobed my drivers. my wireless card works just fine. i use
Code Sample
sudo iwlist scanning
to locate the name of my device and the ESSID i want to connect to. then i went to my dsl panel and i run iwconfig and connect to my ESSID. everything is perfect! but when i reboot i have to re do my iwconfig.

can i create a script to connect to this network on bootup or at least save my settings?

Posted by TuNiX on Dec. 10 2008,19:10
Posted by u2musicmike on Dec. 10 2008,20:55
I used the control panel to set up my wireless card and it made a script file and added to bootlocal? in the /opt directory.  I'm not on that machine right now or I could sent you the script.  You might have some luck doing a search on this forum.
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