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started by: fret

Posted by fret on Dec. 03 2004,05:52
I'm the developer working on Scribe, a small email client for windows and linux and I've been receiving a number of reports from DSL users that Scribe can't resolve hostnames to IP's because the glibc function gethostbyname_r doesn't work on some or all DSL installations.

Firstly Scribe can be downloaded < here >.

Now I've googled around a bit and someone reported that gethostbyname_r fails when there is no /etc/hosts or /etc/config/hosts or maybe even /etc/resolve.conf. This might be a clue useful in working out the problem.

What I'd like to know is why this function doesn't seem to work for DSL users?

If it's more appropriate to use the forums on my < site > then do that. I'll see anything posted there more readily than here.


Posted by fret on Dec. 03 2004,06:01
Or comment on the blog posting < here >.
Posted by ico2 on Dec. 03 2004,13:11
hmmmmm, sounds like a missing lib, what versions of dsl does this apply to?

also: welcome to the forums :)

Posted by Delboy on Dec. 03 2004,19:56
ico, I noticed this 'socket34 error' with DSL v 0.84
see my post in 'Mydslextensions'

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