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Topic: networking trouble on an emachines m6811 laptop
started by: plinej

Posted by plinej on Oct. 01 2005,14:13
I've been using Fedora Core linux for the last year and a half or so but recently decided to try a not so bloated distro since I don't need 80% of the stuff included with it. I decided to try DSL and think it's great but I can't connect to the internet. I have a Rhine II nic and have tried to "modprobe via-rhine" in a terminal, I don't get errors but I still can't connect. I looked on my FC4 /etc/modprobe.conf file and it has the line "alias eth0 via-rhine" so I'm not sure why I can't get it to work. I also have a Broadcom wireless modem but I couldn't get ndiswrapper to make it work in FC4 so I shelled out the $20 for driverloader which worked fine. I planned on downloading the .deb package for driverloader to get the wireless working on DSL but I need to get my eth0 nic working first. Looking forward to any suggestions.


Posted by plinej on Oct. 01 2005,21:53
I happened to get my broadcom wireless nic working with ndiswrapper and the windows driver. Posting this reply from DSL now. I can probably get the other eth0 nic working now that I can install some packages.
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