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started by: vincent_stamour

Posted by vincent_stamour on Feb. 17 2006,19:18

I'm trying to install DSL on my compaq 1230 laptop.  It boots fine, X starts ok.  My pcmcia combo card works fine.

But,  yes there is a small little but ...

The touchpad of the laptop is moving the cursor left and right fine ( no problems when I move the mouse left or right ).
But, for vertical movement, ( up and down ) the cursor goes at the bottom of the screen.  I'm not able to move it up.

I'm searching the web for an answer but without luck.  I know, this is a problem related to touchpad.

Tanks for any help !


Posted by Big AL on Feb. 23 2006,13:09
Can anyone please help with this problem?

I'm experiencing exactly the same problem on a Compaq Presario 1200 notebook.

I also can't get an external ps/2 mouse to work...
The cursor just won't move when using the external mouse, and with the touchpad the mouse just jumps to the bottom of the screen and is only moving left-right

Thanks for help

Posted by suaiden on Feb. 24 2006,15:41
I am also having this problem.  It's a compaq 1681 laptop with and mmx-233 processor.

I can get a USB mouse to work fine, but then DSL recognizes the internal mouse location at "/dev/psaux" on startup -- but then when I run fb800x600 it only allows me to put the mouse at the ps2 port.  so I figured i could go to the configuration file at /etc/x11/... but I can't find it.

I can't figure out where the file is to change it to /psaux or if that's even what's needed.

Posted by arcole on Feb. 25 2006,04:39
anyone have a fix for this i am having the same issue also with a compaq (12xl310). usb mouse works great but i rather touchpad.
Posted by arcole on Feb. 25 2006,04:56
i just found this < dsl guide for old compaq notebook > has some info on setting up the touchpad on a compaq notebook might be the info we are all looking for. i am going to try it if it works ill post back.
Posted by suaiden on Feb. 26 2006,17:46
This guide looks useful.

It might help, but I freely admit first off that I am a complete moron.  Since my I am getting stuff off the internet on another machine, I've burned the two extensions onto a cd as per the instructions. Here's where I am lost.

"Now you can work on getting the touchpad working.  At this point you should now have XFree86.dsl and XF86Config-4 downloaded to your home directory, or on CD from another computer.  (If they are on CD copy them to your home directory).   Use the command mydsl-load XFree86.dsl to load XFree86 onto your system.  Move the file XF86Config file to the appropriate directory with the command sudo mv XF86Config-4 /etc/X11.  Use "vi", (a simple text editor) to edit the file .xserverrc (vi .xserverrc) to say exec /usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86 -nolisten tcp.  With luck, you should now be ready to boot into the X server with a working touchpad.  Make sure you are back in the "dsl" home directory and enter startx .  The X server should load, and you will be presented with Fluxbox, and a working touchpad."

now my problem is that I am not sure how to copy these files to my home directory.  I don't know how to mount the cd outside the gui and my guessing isn't doing much. I've tried going into the gui using a usb mouse and I can't seem to get the cd to mount so that I can get the two files.  On top of that, I don't know precisely where in the home directory I should put these things.

I fully confess ignorance and don't know where to begin.

Posted by guest0000 on Mar. 03 2006,18:26
hi there ..
I had the same problem on my old compaq presario 1200 ...
anyway , I took a look at the guide mentioned earlier ( < > )
I finally got it to work after making some mods in XF86Config-4

i've uploaded my modified XF86Config-4 : < HERE >
along with the XFree86.dsl file ..

to make it work :
put XF86Config-4 & XFree86.dsl on a cd or something ( usb key etc. )
go on it : cd /mnt/cdrom (if it's on a cd .. )

mydsl-load XFree86.dsl
mv XF86Config-4 /etc/X11/

then ,

cd /home/user/
edit .xserverrc ( using vi ) : vi .xserverrc
make it look like this : exec /usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86 -nolisten tcp
after saving & exiting vi , do :
:) ..

took info

< HERE >

Posted by suaiden on Mar. 08 2006,17:42
thanks, I appreciate it :)
Posted by abalter on Mar. 14 2006,15:13
Having similar problem with HP Pavillion dv1331se.  Mouse ponter just sticks to center of dsl window.  Have synaptics touchpad and usb mouse.  I hope we can fix this!
Posted by memekox on April 12 2006,03:15
Hey guys the solution worked for me but I had to modify the XF86Config-4 file.
IMHO the config now is as it should be.
Please compare versions.

Here the code I modified:

Code Sample

#PS2 mouse
Section "InputDevice"
# Identifier and driver

   Identifier "PS2 Mouse"
   Driver "mouse"
   Option "CorePointer"
   Option "Device"      "/dev/psaux"
   Option "Protocol"    "PS/2"
   Option "Emulate3Buttons"  "true"
   Option "ZAxisMapping"    "4 5"

#USB Mouse
Section "InputDevice"
   Identifier  "USB Mouse"
   Driver      "mouse"
   Option      "SendCoreEvents"  "true"
   Option      "Protocol"      "ImPS/2"
   Option      "Device"        "/dev/input/mice"
   Option "Emulate3Buttons"  "true"
   Option "ZAxisMapping"    "4 5"

And last but not least on the Section "ServerLayout"

Code Sample

   InputDevice "PS2 Mouse"
   InputDevice "USB Mouse"

Best Regards

Posted by bpalone on Dec. 17 2007,03:29
The guide was useful and helped out with a Compaq Presario 1600, with a 466 Mhz Celeron.  I ended up modifying the XF86Config-4_vesa pretty much as memekox indicated above.  The file was found in the directory named Xfree86_config_files.

I modified as listed above, except I didn't bother renaming the mouse, I just left it as mouse 1 and 2, but made the other modifications.  It worked and is still doing so.

Just thought I would pass this on in case someone else needs it.  In fact this is being typed on the 1600.

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