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Topic: sound on CTX Ezbook 700g
started by: blobaugh

Posted by blobaugh on Dec. 21 2003,06:58
I can't seem to get my sound to work. Anyone have any ideas?
Posted by bluefreak on Dec. 21 2003,09:34
me too. no sound on both my computers.

one has totally no sound.

another has no sound while playing a cd in xmms but i think has sound when firebird has an error. weird.

Posted by Intruder on Jan. 16 2004,22:43
See the above post for information on configuring sound w/lappys in DSL:
<;t=10 >

If that doesn't work, try sndconfig
< >

Your mozilla beep is probably coming from the system speaker.

Your CDrom may not be playing sound due to a disconnected/missing CDrom audio cable.

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