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Topic: IBM ThinkPad No CDROM
started by: SpEcIeS

Posted by SpEcIeS on Dec. 21 2003,15:45
Could someone list the steps I need to install DSL on my IBM ThinkPad without a CDROM?

Can I take this approach?

1) Using FDISK partion my 515MB drive into a 90%/10% (approx)

2) Format the 10% portion and leave the 90%

3) Using interlnk and intersvr transport opened DSL iso over to 10%

4) [This is where I am stuck] Boot laptop with a linux boot disk to start loading DSL (The bootdisk needs to understand the HDD of laptop)

I am not familiar with creating boot.img's, or configuring bootdisks. Would someone be able to help out with this project? I am eager to install DSL on my IBM ThinkPad.

Thanks  :)


Posted by SpEcIeS on Dec. 22 2003,15:13
Ok then...   ???

This technique appeared to work. The DSL boot disk recognized the /dev/hda5 as a CDROM and carried out the installation, but it failed when it came to loading Xvesa or Xfbsvr.

After this failure, I used the suggested install procedure: sudo -u root dsl-hdinstall, and it loaded up really well. However, the graphic servers still do not work. :p

I found that this < Rescue Disk > helped.


Posted by rob.rice on Dec. 23 2003,19:50
you need another computer running linux and a floppy linux (windblows just dosen't have the tools you will need for this )
like tomsrtbt or mulinux + a huge pile of floppys or you need to get the laptop on the internet (mulinux would be best for this )
down load every thing you need to the hard drive and go from there or on another computer use split to split the files into floppy size chuncks then reassembl then with cat
I have a IBM 350c that I installed slackware-4.0 on the way I did it was by installing just what I needed to get on the net with floppys and down loaded every thing else

Posted by SpEcIeS on Dec. 23 2003,21:59
Thanks for you reply rob.rice.  :)  Did you manage to get you X display working? If so, what display server did you end up using and what settings? It would seem that our laptops are not that much different. Do you happen to know what the difference between a 345c and a 350c model is? And do you know what video display these laptops use? So many questions. :)

Also, is it possible to access the internet using a laplink connection?



Posted by rob.rice on Dec. 24 2003,03:21
the libc in slack 4 has a minor bug as a result it got the video adpter wrong !
so I rebuilt the X server for just the chips and tecnoliges driver
on mine if you hold down the FN key abd hit F1 the setup program comes up
the last screen will tell you what adpter you have
about laplink I doubt it BUT you can transfer the files through it (maybe I never could get it to work )

I cant find a way to attch a file or I'd send you my XF86Config file [CODE]

Posted by rob.rice on Dec. 24 2003,03:32
leave me a message here in the heap
< >
and I will send you a copy of my XF86Config file

Posted by SpEcIeS on Dec. 28 2003,15:49
Thanks rob.rice, but reloaded my Thinkpad with windows.  :O  I really wanted to use linux on the laptop, but it does not seem like a logical choice.  :( Instead I have been setting it up like linux. Here is a nice package that others may want to give a try:

< Gnu/Unix utilities on Win32 >

They seem to work pretty good on my laptop, and I also applied '< Wiz >'.

I would like to thank everyone for helping me in this installation process. My only regret it that it did not work.


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