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Topic: problem with text durring startup
started by: loupgarou21

Posted by loupgarou21 on Dec. 22 2003,21:49
I did a hd install, now when I start up the text runs off the screen, making it hard to tell when to enter things like, my login.

When running off the CD I could fix this by adding startup the option:
fb800x600   (I'm pretty sure that was it)

but I can't do that when booting off the hard drive

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Posted by cbagger01 on Dec. 23 2003,03:14
Try the "Search" button above and enter in


as your search keyword

Posted by loupgarou21 on Dec. 23 2003,18:56
Thanks for the help, I did eventually figure it out on my own, but it's nice to know that I had the help too :)
Posted by Modrak on Jan. 17 2004,20:30
vga=751 :-) will make you fb800x600x8bit
vga=0 will make you standard 80x25 textmode

Posted by nosebleed on Jan. 21 2004,01:27
vga=789 in /etc/lilo.conf works great for me, 800x600.
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