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Topic: Laptop freeze after "Autoconfiguring devices..."
started by: bogl

Posted by bogl on Dec. 27 2003,16:58
I have a 64Mb, Celeron 400 Hi-Grade laptop.  DSL freezes after autoconfiguring devices...if I go into Expert mode, text disappears off the bottom of the screen.

I *know* this distro works, it does brill on my desktop. WOuld love to get it going on the laptop too.  Any suggestions welcome!

Posted by TyphoonMentat on Dec. 27 2003,19:12
Perhaps try "knoppix noauto" or "knoppix noapm"?
Posted by bogl on Dec. 27 2003,21:47
No go with either of those I'm afraid.  Failsafe also stops after autoconfiguring I discovered.
Posted by John on Dec. 28 2003,00:58
try 'knoppix noscsi'
Posted by bogl on Dec. 28 2003,09:15
noscsi got me nowhere either.

A thought of mine: just after it autoconfigures, it seems to call up the floppy drive.  Is it expecting a disk?  Should I try putting one in, or disabling the floppy drive with a cheat code?

Posted by bogl on Dec. 28 2003,09:22
Oh, I ought to add that I searched the Knoppix archives - turns out several people have had this problem, but so far as I could see there have been no solutions I haven't already tried.
Posted by mrdinkel on Jan. 23 2004,04:36
How 'bout pushing Ctrl-C on your keyboard.. thats what I use to skip the network config when i'm not on the network.
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