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started by: davismiles

Posted by davismiles on Nov. 13 2006,20:10
Hi all!
I missed the Notebook laptop handled in a previous thread, someone got the mashine before me.
I have found another laptop, IBM ThinkPad 600x, how is it with this mashine? Any problems installing?

BM ThinkPad 600x
P3 500 MHz
384 MB RAM
12 GB Hard Drive

I saw a thread for the "big" DSL that thay have had problems with it but they got it running on "this" DSL.
Any experience to share?

Many thanks


Posted by plantzon on Mar. 20 2008,17:37
This is way late perhaps, but I too recently acquired a 600X IBM,, 500 mhz P-3 processor, 256 megs ram, and I installed a 60 gig hard drive..  I installed Damn Small Linux version 4.0 into a partition I previously created on the hard drive for some other Linux installs I had done when the drive was in a different computer.. Damn Small installed 'frugally' without a hitch.. I always stop before it installs a boot loader by just shutting the machine down.. Then later I go into my working GRUB bootloader and edit the menu.lst file so that is says /boot/linux24  instead of the normal /bootvmlinuz on the partition I have installed Damn Small to ,, in this case it was /hda6..  It worked fine,, it found my wireless card and I was able to get online right away,, but the display was off -color.. Other than that the whole system worked and worked well,, as has been my usual experience with Damn Small on any of the various machines I have tried it on..  So after reading a bunch of 'suggestions' about setting the framebuffer,, installing Xfree and on and on, I found the simplest thing to do was just to go into the 'system' menu--find Xvesa and set it to the setting with 16 bits.. I am currently running 1024x768x16  and the colors are as clear and as crisp as ever.. I would think that I could put this into the menu.lst as an append, but it is very easy to just set Xvesa after boot, and it works, so why tinker with a good thing?
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