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started by: groeswenphil

Posted by groeswenphil on Sep. 22 2007,20:34
Got this elderly laptop.
P111 700 Mhz
5.6Gb hard drive.
About 300Mb RAM.

It is currently running Win 2000 rather well, but I've grown to love Ubuntu recently.
I'd like to try a Linux distro on this laptop. I've a feeling that duel booting Xubuntu would probably clog up too much hard drive space, but DSL might be better.
One thing that worried  me with Xubuntu was the long winded hack that is needed to fix the fan cooling problem.
Would this be easier to solve with DSL?

Basically, I'd like to use this laptop from time to time in the living room for web I'll also need some kind of wireless card that wil work.
Am I asking too much?


Posted by Juanito on Sep. 23 2007,03:46
If you have a cd drive, the best thing to do is burn a cd, boot it and try and see what happens
Posted by groeswenphil on Sep. 23 2007,08:38
Done that........and it works.....sort of perfectly......although I can't get a net connection on my Belkin USB doohdad

Should I be using a different brand of doohdad?

Posted by Juanito on Sep. 23 2007,09:29
Assuming that you cannot get a net connection because dsl has not recognised your doohdad, I guess the next move would be to get details using the command "lsusb" from a terminal window and then use google to see if there is a native linux driver for it.
Posted by groeswenphil on Sep. 23 2007,13:03
But......If I'm running from a CD, I'd have to get that driver and put it onto a floppy? And next time I run DSL......I'd have to do it again? Am I thinking along the right lines here?


Posted by Juanito on Sep. 23 2007,13:49
...Depends, maybe the driver is already in dsl, but I think you would need to know the chipset in order confirm that.

If the driver is not in dsl then either you would need to add it to the cd (I never tried this but I believe it is possible) or store it on floppy, usb stick or hd.

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