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Topic: PCMCIA on Panasonic ToughBook CF-45
started by: y23

Posted by y23 on Sep. 28 2007,08:11
Machine: Panasonic Toughbook CF45, 97ram, 4gigHDD, 233Mhz, trackball, USB, PCMCIA, Windows ME
I am trying XIRCOM PCMCIA (CEM56-100 PCCARD,16bit,5V - and "RealPort RE-100") network cards, but:

cs: unable to map card memory!
cs: warning: no high memory space available!

here the full dmesg, lspci, lsmod:
< http://y23stockpic.free.fr/misc/panasonic_notebook.html >

I tried various kernel parameters  pci=assign-busses  pci=usepirqmask  pnpbios=off pci=biosirq
... all to no avail.

Bakshish (bribe):  If you can help me get it going I'll send you a < 2008 Astronomical Pocket Diary >

Posted by curaga on Sep. 28 2007,12:39
What, you're still using DSL 0.9??

Suggest you try the newest RC for DSL 4. With a newer kernel, it might sort everything out for you.

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Sep. 28 2007,14:54
You could try booting with nopcmcia, then manually insert which modules you need.

@curaga: I still have lots of 1.x setups :)

Posted by y23 on Sep. 29 2007,04:15
I tried  NOPCMCIA  and did  modprobe pcmcia_cs  but it gave a "module not found."
Can someone type a few command I can try?
Or suggest a live-distro that has older pcmcia modules for 16bit cards?

Since mine is a TI PCI1250 controller I tried the solution for "old laptop and the the TI1620 cardbus controller"
setpci -s 0:a.0 SUBORDINATE_BUS=0x0A
as described  < here >.

No cigar :-(

My hunch is that the solution is partly told < here >

PUPPY 2.17 failed, too.

Posted by windancer on Aug. 09 2008,06:08
I would get a wpc11 from linksys version 3 card or the netgear ma401 both cards run upon install on my panasonic cf-25  and they are cheap on ebay.
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