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Topic: Problems Installing Yahoo Messenger to Compy
started by: gibsongirl

Posted by gibsongirl on Sep. 30 2007,19:47
Hello All!

I have a Legacy machine...emachines etower 366c.  I also have 3 questions.  

1. I have downloaded Ymessenger to my desktop.  How do I get it to install? I have tried double clicking, I have tried the run option... nada.

2. How do I remove the extra software that came with DSL? I have 3 web browsers, 3 text editors, etc.  

3. Is it possible to hook up my mac performa monitor to my emachines computer? (I have borrowed hubby's monitor and he wants it back! :laugh:


gibsongirl   :D

Posted by curaga on Oct. 01 2007,17:51
1. What's that? Give a link, or tell what the file extension is (.something)
2. You can make a remaster to remove something from the core
3. No idea, does it have a vga connector?

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