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Topic: Special DSL LiveCD For OLPC XO Laptops
started by: btbx

Posted by btbx on Oct. 11 2007,05:24
OLPC (One Laptops Per Child) had released XO laptops to general public using "Buy 2 Get 1" G1G1: One laptop will be sent to the buyer and one laptop will be sent to a child in a poor developing country.

Unfortunately this AMD Geode LX laptop can't run ordinary DSL LiveCD:

1. There is no standard BIOS.
2. There is no VGA/CGA/EGA video mode.
3. Non standard booting procedure.
4. Nobody knows if XO can be booted from external USB CD-ROM drive.
5. Ordinary/off-the-shelf Linux distro cannot run on the XO laptops. Linux run on XO laptops with modified / patched kernel.

Is it possible to create a special DSL LiveCD for XO laptops?
Who can do this project?
Thank you.

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