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started by: silvagroup

Posted by silvagroup on Oct. 27 2007,00:01
Have been looking for a linux to run, with no success.
Tried dsl booting from cd, gets to mounting usb and just hangs.
Tried booting with dsl no, still hangs at the same spot.
Any suggestions would be appriciated.
Is this distro the best to install on this laptop?
Any suggestions on both issues would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Posted by roberts on Oct. 27 2007,04:19
Did you try?

boot: dsl nousb

If that still fails then at the first boot prompt type.

boot: failsafe

If this boots then at the prompt type:

# showbootcodes

Then experiment by trying to boot by eliminating some of the many "no" options shown from showbootcodes

Posted by silvagroup on Oct. 31 2007,04:31
roberst thanks, I have already tried both no usb, and failsafe on both versions dsl and I can't get any farther, so I cant run showbootcodes.

Out of frustration I am just trying all the major distro's (thank God for a fast dsl connection) and I was at least able to boot into a livecd from one of the other distros. So it is possible.
This system is really a stickler with Linux.

Posted by silvagroup on Nov. 02 2007,04:59
It appears that Knoppix has the very same problems as DLS, at least when it come to this laptop.
I'll have to try a version of Katonix, and a raw Debian.
But the liveCD that did boot and works (except for wlan) is Debian based ???
Oh well so much for that epiphany.

Posted by silvagroup on Nov. 09 2007,03:07
Well problem for an OS is solved.
It's a Debian based distro and after 3 years of trying almost every liveCD available it's the only distro that has worked 100% from the liveCDon this system, even wireless works !!!
I hope it works as well from the HD install also, will find out soon.

Thanks for the help.

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