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started by: kylerwoods

Posted by kylerwoods on Nov. 07 2007,03:45
I am trying to uninstall DSL from my laptop, but when I put in a Windows installation disc, nothing happens. Please help me

Posted by curaga on Nov. 07 2007,11:56
Go in to the bios, and set it to boot from cd
Posted by Zucca on Nov. 07 2007,14:20
Yup. You cannot install Windows from DSL.
Unless you use qemu etc...

Posted by kylerwoods on Nov. 08 2007,20:30
Ya, i set it to boot from CD, but it still just loads DSL.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 08 2007,21:29
This is a not a DSL problem...

- make sure you set to boot from cd first - before hdd's etc.
- it could be that your cd media or reader is defective
- if you can't still get it to work, you could contact your system manufacturer, etc.

Posted by kylerwoods on Nov. 08 2007,22:00
Well, the windows worked fne on it before, but now it won't install. I can also open the CD once in linux, but it cannot open the .exe files, of course. Is there maybe a way i can just completely uninstall it without installing windows over it?
Posted by mikshaw on Nov. 08 2007,23:54
As ^thehatsrule^ said, this isn't a DSL issue. Either your BIOS isn't set to boot from CD first, or your CD is defective or not bootable, or there is something wrong with your CD drive.  DSL can't prevent you from booting a bootable CD if you tell your system you want it that way.
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 09 2007,01:08
If you want just want to remove DSL, you can just delete all the data.

But I just remembered something - if you have older equipment you may have to use a bootfloppy (or a compatible cd i.e. for DSL it would be syslinux).

Posted by kylerwoods on Nov. 09 2007,06:25
Ya, i've made sure that the CD drive is first ahead of the HD, and I know the CD drive is functional because i've used it many times to listen to music, etc. How would I go about deleting everything from it?
Posted by skaos on Nov. 09 2007,10:32
Boot from the DSL CD and run this command:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda
This will completely wipe your disk (assuming /dev/hda is your disk).

Posted by kylerwoods on Nov. 14 2007,01:26
i did what skaos said, but it said permission denied, help me :(
Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 14 2007,01:34
Prepend the command with sudo, or open a root shell.
Make sure you know what you're doing though.

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