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Topic: Suspend to RAM on a Tecra 540CDT
started by: Take2

Posted by Take2 on Nov. 08 2007,20:14

i've installed DSL 4.0 on a Toshiba Tecra 540 CDT, Pentium 233MMX, with 96 MB RAM,  works great!  :D
The laptop supports ACPI and has a bios enabled (e.g. closing the lid) suspend-to-ram. It works with DSL, BUT all hardware connection seams to be lost, no CD, no network, no sound.
Is there a possibility to get this event, shutdown/unmount all hardware drivers before going to sleep? And reload them vice versa when waken up?

This would be fantastic, as it sucks only 1,5 Watts in this mode!

Thanks a lot!


Posted by Juanito on Nov. 09 2007,06:50
There was post about being able to do this with apm rather than acpi - I tried a long time to make this work with both dsl and dsl-n, all without sucess...
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