How to shutdown from the terminal?

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Topic: How to shutdown from the terminal?
started by: Joe Shmo

Posted by Joe Shmo on Nov. 09 2007,22:11

I have a HD install of DSL on a Tecra 500CDT. I use it only with mp3blaster to listen to some webradio stations.

How can I shutdown the laptop over the console, so that the machine really switches off?

Something like shutdown -h now brings the laptop in halt, but it doesn't switch off.

If I'm in a window manager and call the function shutdown (or whatever it the command is called there) over the menu, it works. What is the corresponding command for the console?


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Nov. 09 2007,23:12
Afaik it calls `shutdown -h now` as well, but within the script.

You could call that script instead (not sure why you get different results) with ` shutdown`

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