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Topic: Fuzzy band in X running on an ancient laptop
started by: ericl

Posted by ericl on Dec. 04 2007,20:11
I installed DSL 3.4.7 on an old Thinkpad 560 and am trying to get X to work correctly. The laptop is a 2640-10U with a Trident Cyber9382 chipset and a 11.3" DSTN display. After lots of head-beating, I discovered that the only thing would work was XF86_VGA. I downloaded a binary (I think version 3.x), found some XF86Config settings that mostly worked and was able to
get a desktop to appear at 800x600x16.

The problem now is that there is a strange band that is about an inch tall and screen width at the bottom that is fuzzed out. All other parts of the screen appear to be OK. I took a (bad) picture of it and you can see it here:

< http://i187.photobucket.com/albums....een.jpg >

I know that the hardware is working fine since this laptop was running Win95 at this resolution with no display problems.

So...what could be the problem? Is this something fixable in XF86Config settings? Is there another XF86_SVGA binary that I can download to try? Honestly, I went to so many different websites I can't remember where I downloaded the one I'm using.

Also, fwiw, I tried Xvesa and the fb server with no luck. I tried all the different combinations of VGA=xxx cheatcodes at boot and none of them worked on my hardware so fb was out. Xvesa would only work in 640x480x4 even though my display is capable of 800x600x16. I tried every other combination and got a screen full of multicolored bands.

Posted by coco on Feb. 08 2009,03:26

Did you solve the issue? I have a ibm560e 2640-30u with also 11.3 inch DST LCD and running latest DSL version (4.410) with XFree86 from XFree86.dsl. I got working 800x600x16 but with some refresh problem. In the bottom part of screen, sometime i see 3-4 small replicas of full screen in grey color.....and are removed with maximize the application...

Any idea?


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