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started by: CHH35

Posted by CHH35 on Dec. 09 2007,01:49
With a live CD I booted my ancient Gateway Solo 2500 with DSL 4.0. The boot proceeded very sweetly. All the colors and printing were nicely legible as the machine booted. But at the end, in X-Windows, the screen becomes pale pink or pale green -- sometimes one, sometimes the other -- and the characters are illegible.

I tried an earlier version of DSL.  Same result.  The problem seems to be in my computer, but running its original Windows 98 it works fine.

Is this a problem anyone else has experienced?  Any suggestions as to the source of the problem?

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on Dec. 09 2007,02:24
See fb boot labels and/or vga cheatcodes, and xsetup.sh (the fb x server)
Posted by CHH35 on Dec. 11 2007,01:13
Okay.  Now I know about frame buffers and cheatcodes.  Choosing the right fb worked nicely.  Thank you.
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