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started by: carpaldiem

Posted by carpaldiem on Dec. 09 2007,15:44
I have a SONY VAIO PCG-992L that won't display the full screen, with icons, on any of the pre-4.x family of dsl.  It will show about three-quarters of the screen--complete with icons-on a resolution up to 800x600. Beyond that--at full screen--the display gets fuzzy and the icons disappear.  This behavior is the same running embedded or with live-cd.  The only way I can get a clear, full screen display with icons is running the 3.x.iso out of qemu. Any help appreciated.  I suppose using 4.x.iso would be the simplest answer.  But even that isn't sharp--it just shows icons.  Running "Xvesa" doesn't give you a resolution beyond 800x600 to choose from.
Posted by lucky13 on Dec. 09 2007,16:45
fb1280x1024 / fb1024x768 / fb800x600 Framebuffer mode (for notebooks)

< >

Posted by carpaldiem on Dec. 10 2007,19:24
I've tried using frame buffer mode several times on this laptop and have never gotten a sharp, clear display.  If I boot with the "dsl 2" code through qemu I get different results for "Xvesa -listmodes" than I do from the live cd.  There are several more options with true colors.  I get better results with a virtually set display than when going straight off the computer.  And as I said before I get a less sharp display using dsl-embedded, too.
Posted by curaga on Dec. 10 2007,19:59
The different resolutions in qemu come from the video card that qemu emulates - not your real hw..
Posted by Alrasch on Dec. 13 2007,23:15
Hi, I am just now installind DSL 4.1 to an old Laptop. I did have the same display problem... although I do not remeber the exact way how I got by.
I have to go through the X setup process (asking for USB mouse etc). When I picked the line underneath XVESA it worked just fine.

Is that any help to your problem?

Sorry - I had that many boot attempts that I do not remember what I have done... ;)

Posted by roberts on Dec. 14 2007,00:44
If you can boot your machine with runlevel 2 then look at the contents of /etc/sysconfig/knoppix

boot: dsl 2 vga=normal

# cat /etc/sysconfig/knoppix

This will show what hardware was identified.
What is displayed, may help us help you.

Posted by carpaldiem on Dec. 14 2007,13:17
I booted with "dsl 2 vga=normal"  and got the following results:
 XSERVER= "XFree86"
 XDESC= "Intel Corporation :82815 CGC"

    Along with this I noticed that under System Stats it said:

    Since posting previously I've booted with :
  "dsl ide=0x180,0x386"
  "dsl vga=791"

    and managed to get, with 4.x.iso, a full screen and better behaved display--complete with icons.  Image just a little grainy, but no over-shading that left drop down text hard to read.

Posted by andrewb on Dec. 16 2007,22:47
Did you follow the link from the cheat codes page to the one specifically about VGA codes?:

< >

If you follow the instructions about 'Additional' modes you should be able to get the best value to use instead of '791' for your system. I managed to get even the Libretto with it's 800*480 screen running at 24 bit resolution full screen with no problems using the method described.

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