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Topic: Gateway Solo 2500 mydsl issue
started by: mattyb

Posted by mattyb on Jan. 28 2008,04:00
As you can see from the title I've got an old Gateway I'm trying to get up and running.  I've gotten past the framebuffers and now am trying to install madwifi.dsl but am having issues.  When I go to the mydsl icon and click load local I'll local the madwifi.dsl file and load it but nothing happens.  All I get in the mydsl folder is an icon that says .mydsl underneath and nothing else.  I've also tried to install the madwifi program manually but get this error when I get to typing "make":

/bin/sh: line 1: cd: /lib/modules/2.4.31/build: No such file or directory /lib/modules/2.4.31/build is missing, please set KERNELPATH.   Stop.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Now I'm somewhat new to linux so if anyone can give some detail it would be great.  Thanks.

Posted by curaga on Jan. 28 2008,12:20
Driver extensions aren't supposed to do anything flashy. They just install the files and exit.

From the info file:
Compiled from sources madwifi-ng
               After mydsl-load madwifi.dsl run
               sudo /opt/
               Use iwconfig GUI to enter settings for ath0
               Add /opt/ to /opt/
               for automatic setup
               NOTE: *** This is for dsl v2.0 and v2.1b ONLY ***

So, next step for you would be to open Aterm and type "sudo /opt/". Then enter your wireless settings from the control panel/iwconfig.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 28 2008,16:27
madwifi is already compiled and in DSL v4.x.
What is the output of your iwconfig?

Posted by mattyb on Jan. 28 2008,20:42
Output from iwconfig is:
lo       no wireless extensions
wifi0   no wireless extensions

When attempting to use the iwconfig GUI I attempt to set the properties for ath0 and I always get connection failed.

Posted by roberts on Jan. 28 2008,20:56
You should see the ath modules loading at boot time.
If not, then perhaps your card is not seen.
If an old laptop and card is pcmcia cardbus type then could be you need pci=assign-busses as an additional boot option. I know that my tp240 needs this to use an atheros based cardbus pcmcia.

Posted by mattyb on Jan. 29 2008,00:18
I do see the modules load at boot time but it said that there were warnings.  I'm not too sure where to look for the warnings.  I when into the system stats GUI and clicked on the dmesg tab and can see that Atheros stuff loaded.  I also added the pci=assign-busses as an additional boot option but that didn't seem to do anything.

Any recommendations.  I'm at a loss.

Posted by mattyb on Jan. 29 2008,00:46
I should have mentioned that the card I'm trying to configure is the Netgear WPN511.  I don't know if anyone has had experience with this one.
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