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Topic: kernel panic with Latitude D610
started by: och

Posted by och on April 03 2008,15:11
I am resuming activities around DSL after more than a year of interruption and I am very surprised to be unable to get it work:
Just after giving the cheatcodes vga=normal (otherwise the screen stays dark) debug, the system tells me one attempted to kill init process (EIP=0).
I had just got the current iso (4.2.5) from the Belgium http site. I also tried older versions (3.2 and 3.1) I used to work with and got the same result. I tried an old GIS-KNOPPIX (V1.0) which worked nicely...
I tried the same DSL CD's on my Optiplex 745 and went a bit further for, after "Scanning for USB devices" it "can't find KNOPPIX filesystem."
So it is not strictly a laptop issue but I was not sure where to post (and I want to make it work on my laptop).

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on April 03 2008,15:36
That laptop is known to have (varying) problems - try a forum search.

For the other machine, how is the optical drive connected?  If the interface is SATA, try booting with the sata cheatcode.  If scsi, you can grab the modules off a download mirror and use those.

Posted by Juanito on April 04 2008,06:41
Isn't this something to do with needing the "noacpi" boot code?
Posted by och on April 04 2008,15:39
The laptop is now working thank to acpi=off cheatcode. In spite of having read a lot of posts in this section, I had not imagined the D610 was so "well-known" that a mere search on its name could give so many related posts...
The other pc is just getting stuck after loading sata_vsc.o but this is neither the place for that problem, nor my most important issue for the time being.
Thank for your help; I hope to get so fast answers on the next posts.

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