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started by: MrBear37

Posted by MrBear37 on April 10 2008,21:54
Greetings all !

I have not posted in agreat while but I have been enjoying DSL the whole time..

Its time for me to take my next journey in DSL.  I have an old Toshiba 4015 CDT laptop that has a 44 pin ENhanced IDE 2.5 Hard drive ( or used to have one)  now the only thing that is present is the CD drive and HD bay ( the HD is missing).

I need to purchase a CF adaptor and I wanted recommendations on where to get one that would fit that some of you might have experience with ?

THanks in advance ..


Posted by lucky13 on April 10 2008,22:35
John has some adapters available in the DSL Store. Like this:
< >

< >

Posted by yangmusa on April 17 2008,20:49
I'm using a dual adapter from Addonics: < >

After some hunting around, most places that sell the adapter were out of stock - and Addonics sell it almost as cheap direct, so they are the best bet.

It works really well. I have it set up with a regular CF card in one slot, and a Hitatchi Microdrive in the other. I use the Microdrive as swap,  that way I won't wear out the CF so fast. Most of the time (depending on what I'm doing) I don't need swap, so the laptop is completely silent. The Microdrive is very quiet for a hard drive, it's barely possible to hear it.


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