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Topic: An PCMIA Card wirelles lan problem
started by: DjangoS

Posted by DjangoS on April 18 2008,05:01
Hey DSL,
I have an question with my PCMIA CARD Wirelles lan card first i had an Tornado 121 but my dad took it away, now i have an EDUP 54MBPS/11MBPS Wireless Lan card but DSL doesnt see it.
What can i do ? Dsl runs best on my laptop but now i dont have internet
Many thanks for your help!

Posted by lucky13 on April 18 2008,11:27
What do you mean "DSL doesn't see it"? Have you run lspci? Have you looked at dmesg for it? Have you run any of the other tools related to PCMCIA and/or wifi?
Posted by bullzebub on May 01 2008,19:59
i have a similar problem.
the cards dont even light up.
nothing about them in lspci or dmesg.
i know the cards work since i had them in another DSL computer before. tips?

Posted by roberts on May 01 2008,21:12
If laptop is old it may not support card bus, i.e., gold colored edge cards.
Try using the boot code:  pci=assign-busses
That works for my old TP240 with new(er) cardbus cards.

Posted by bullzebub on May 02 2008,09:27
in the menu.1st file?
lspci said i had a cirrus logic cl 6729 pcmcia bridge.
im a n00b when it comes to linux im afraid...

Posted by bullzebub on May 09 2008,06:06
hmm ... it seems to be working in puppy linux.
what do they do different?

Posted by lucky13 on May 09 2008,12:27
what do they do different?

Different kernels. Different versions of wireless extension. Different versions of ndiswrapper. Etc.

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