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Topic: Help getting NDIS wrapper working
started by: b1ackmai1er

Posted by b1ackmai1er on May 31 2008,11:04
Hi everyone,

I am trying to use ndiswrapper to get my wireless card working (Atheros ar5007EG) in DSL 4.4RC1.

The standard drivers do not work due to unrecognized hardware version.

I have the *.inf and *.sys driver for it.

Are they the only windows files I need? My working wifi windows partition is NTFS so I can't access it from DSL but can put the *.inf and *.sys file somewhere DSL can access.

Thanks b1m1

Posted by curaga on May 31 2008,11:17
Sorry, can't help with ndiswrapper, but DSL can read NTFS just fine, it's writing that isn't recommended..
Posted by Juanito on May 31 2008,11:50
I think the trick might be to try several windows drivers until you get one that works.

In my case I had my broadcom wifi working in w2k, but the same driver would not work with ndiswrapper. I tried several drivers until I chanced on one for winxp that worked..

Posted by b1ackmai1er on May 31 2008,12:37
After trying the latest driver I searched the web and  have located a driver that people report works but all I get out of ndiswrapper is a one line dmesg saying the driver is loaded.

Regards b1m1

Posted by roberts on May 31 2008,20:17
after you issue the command modprobe ndiswrapper you should be able to issue the command iwconfig and see an unconfigured device. What does the command display? If no wireless is shown then check the ndiswrapper website.
Posted by WDef on June 01 2008,15:39
There was great wailing and wringing of hands building and trying different versions of ndiswrapper on dsl with a zillion different Windows drivers for Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG, including exactly the versions people reported working online on different systems.  Afaik, it just does not work.
I hope you have better luck with your card.

EDIT:  Oh, I forgot there was gnashing of teeth as well ;=)

Posted by danielp on June 06 2008,10:54
Just curious, but why are you trying to use ndiswrapper? I thought that Atheros chipset cards worked "out of the box"?
Posted by curaga on June 06 2008,12:56
The standard drivers do not work due to unrecognized hardware version.

Posted by danielp on June 06 2008,15:02
oops, missed that one!

So not all Atheros cards work? Is there a list of incompatible ones?

Posted by curaga on June 06 2008,18:37
New hardware is becoming supported all the time, but most Atheros cards are supported now.
Here's a list of working cards, in the current madwifi of course: < >

According to the requirements even the latest madwifi would run fine on DSL. Extension up anyone?

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