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started by: clivesay

Posted by clivesay on July 01 2008,03:11
Wanted to share with the community that < THIS > pcmcia wireless card works right out the box with DSL and is only $15. Use iwconfig and change eth0 to ath0. That's it!

Cheap solution for that older laptop.


Posted by lucky13 on July 01 2008,03:15
Have you tried it with both WEP and WPA?
Posted by clivesay on July 01 2008,03:18
No, just WEP
Posted by CrazyBeethoven on July 01 2008,17:27
Also, it is unfortunately a 32-bit card, meaning my ancient laptop will not run the card. Maybe I just need to get newer hardware... Nice find though, running out of the box is a real plus!
Posted by windancer on Aug. 09 2008,06:04
Ive also found 2 other cards that run out of the box. The wpc11 from linksys version 3 card and the Netgear MA401 both just work upon boot no configuring at all and they run about 10 to 15 bucks on ebay. Ive seen them sell for 4.00 dollars
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