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started by: windancer

Posted by windancer on Aug. 12 2008,12:48
< Toughbook Slideshow Need Flash enabled >

Just installed 4.3 and love the slick OS! Keep up the good work! Hope you enjoy the pics. :D

The laptop is very old but its nice to have a use for it. I have setup 3 partitions and I dual boot windows 98 with it. the laptop is a P166 with MMX has 96 megs of Ram and a 1 meg vidcard. The toughbook is complete with a cdrom and floppy drive that are swappable. It is definately a cool looking laptop thats why I have kept it all these years. it has gone from DSL 1.0 up to 4.3 and windows 98 as well. I tried xp but once service pack 2 is installed the thing bogs down to crawl. anyway hope you enjoy the pics.


Posted by curaga on Aug. 12 2008,13:57
/humble request for a non-flash version :)
Posted by windancer on Aug. 12 2008,19:47
Hope you enjoy! Sorry about that.< Toughbook Gallery Enjoy! Non Flash >

Hope you enjoy the pics sorry about that

Posted by curaga on Aug. 13 2008,12:20
Nice :D
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