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started by: windancer

Posted by windancer on Aug. 13 2008,21:25
When you launch Dillo for the first time you think to yourself EEEEWWW what the hell is this! It's not pretty thats for sure. But then you resist the urge to launch the pretty firefox and give it a shot. Well Ive been using Dillo for the last 2 days and must say im very impresssed really with the speed. I am on a very Old and crusty laptop p166 with 96 megs of ram and dillo suits this old beast just great! Firefox and opera run a little sluggish. Sure its not as pretty as firefox or opera but it sure blows them away in speed. I have never really given dillo a shot because the way it looked but know I find myself becomming a huge fan of the browser. If your in the same boat as me on slow hardware try dillo for a couple days I think you too will become a fan of the little browser that could!
Posted by JohnJS on Aug. 25 2008,15:01
Hi Windancer,
I too like Dillo but with later versions of 3.4.xxx and 4.4.4 I get errors at shutdown (bad clocks etc).

Do you get same?.

Posted by windancer on Aug. 31 2008,00:44
Quote (JohnJS @ Aug. 25 2008,15:01)
Hi Windancer,
I too like Dillo but with later versions of 3.4.xxx and 4.4.4 I get errors at shutdown (bad clocks etc).

Do you get same?.

hmmm I have noticed that also. I just let them go and reload it next time I boot to DSL. I don't know that it causes any problems. have you installed DSL to your Hard drive? I have a full hard drive install on my old toughbook with windows 98 on the other partition so far so good with everything runs like a charm. My next experiment is to make a solid state hard drive for this oldy lappy. I bought the Compact Flash Drive to IDE converter and havent recieved my pcmcia compact flash reader yet. but it should be pretty interesting im gonna start with an 8 gig compact flash card. my hard drive is 6 gigs but its a 4200 rpm im gonna see this speeds things up a bit.
Posted by mikshaw on Aug. 31 2008,02:34
Dillo will spit out a lot of messages that look nasty, but if they don't actually cause a problem while you're using Dillo, are they really trouble?  What I have seen so far are numerous "** WARNING **: no support enc" messages.

If it were not for the fact that Dillo has no support for CSS or authentication, I'd be using it for nearly every browsing.  Firefox is obese in comparison, but is a better general browser overall when those factors are considered.  There is unfortunately also an increasing number of sites that require javascript and plugins.

Posted by JohnJS on Aug. 31 2008,14:05
Hi Windancer,
I use 'frugal' installation.

Thanks for info. Does not seem to affect Dillo's function.
I consider myself to still be a Linux newbie, warning notices set off an alarm.

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