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started by: zachft

Posted by zachft on Dec. 15 2008,19:56

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop which ran XP but now seems partly corrupted and unable to boot. I am using Damn Small Linux but need to know how to connect to my house's wireless LAN.

Please could someone explain step-by-step instructions to a total newbie like myself.

Much appreciated.

Posted by seevee on Dec. 20 2008,21:02
I have a similar question. Did you happen to find an answer for this one? I have an HP Pavilion.
Posted by zachft on Dec. 20 2008,23:37
I'm afraid not. Please do post here if you find anyone helpful. Thanks.
Posted by chalbersma on Jan. 09 2009,20:28
It depends on what type of wireless card you have.  Give me that info and we'll go from there.
Posted by zachft on Jan. 10 2009,00:04
I'm don't know how to find that out. I'll have a look in the options via the boot menu and get back to you though. Thanks.
Posted by Tobiaus on Jan. 10 2009,05:52
message removed
Posted by chalbersma on Jan. 16 2009,05:33
and if you could give us your info from dmesg

Code Sample

$ dmesg > dmesg.txt

Then either give us a link to it or, well you get the idea.

Posted by dreamcarrior on Jan. 19 2009,07:30
Or you can give me your laptop information such as model number and we can find out the spec and see how we can help.
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