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started by: ckli6

Posted by ckli6 on April 17 2006,06:09

I tried using Synatic to download and install a package but found that the Link was broken. Any idea how to get around it. I also tried using apt-get but got dependency errors. The package in question (on the Synaptic screen) is wxVLC.

By the way, has anyone tried running VideoLan (VLC) in DSL??

Many thanks.. CK

Posted by lovdsl on April 18 2006,06:19
I have not attempted or tried videolan..but if you just want a media played there is one available in the repository for dsl...if you are not aware..dsl is a mini debian and although it  can apt-get via the same process as full debian the available pakages are limited due to dsl's tiny size and reduction of libraries to achieve this end...dsl is very versitile but has limitations in this regard..with due respect..good luck..maby someone else has specific info on videolan for do not give up hope.
Posted by Guest on April 25 2006,10:58
Sometimes apt-get -f install solves dependency problems, so give it a try.
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