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Topic: Need help installing something
started by: searayman

Posted by searayman on April 18 2006,01:39
i want to install the lastfm music player from < here >

i downloaded the linux binary one, and dont know how to install it.

Posted by kerry on April 28 2006,23:52
Build your own radio stations it's free, all you need is flash->

< >

you just pick your song or the artist and it will play those songs and similar ones, save the ones you like to your favorites and you have your custom music.

I don't have any favorites i have mine set up by type, example: bob marley will play all reggae music, so i have one for rock,rap,etc...

Posted by newOldUser on June 21 2006,00:17
I just got around to trying tonight.  It works just fine on a test system that was running a frugal install of dsl v2.2  Nice site.
Posted by kerry on June 21 2006,00:25
Hey it's free and only requiers flash to use. My kid loves listing to  the "eminem" radio i made for him, me i'm more bob marley. :p
Posted by pr0f3550r on June 21 2006,16:43

that binary is statically linked to the QT libraries (KDE). Until DSL supports KDE (I hope never) you can't use it.

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