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started by: stabface

Posted by stabface on May 03 2006,22:20
Hi, I use dsl for installing on old laptops that i use for various tasks,

most of these have no usb and only old pcmcia cards for modem connection.

i want to make a cdrom of dsl apts that i can get the files and programs i need.

I think it will be as easy as finding the repos and getting the files on a disk

also how do i get around enabling apt without an internet connection

Posted by pr0f3550r on May 04 2006,17:11
If I understood correctly:

1) Burn the dsl-dpkg.dsl extension into the root of your cd.

2) Boot with the option "dsl mydsl=cdrom" or "dsl mydsl=sda1"

3) Then run dselect as root and point sources to the cdrom

Posted by stabface on May 04 2006,21:33
ok, I see what you are saying after doing that i will be able to use apt-get without internet.

After that, I was wondering if I wanted to have a bunch of applications on a disk is there a certain way i have to have them on the disk to get them to worK?

Posted by pr0f3550r on May 04 2006,22:38
I am definitely not the best one to give you advice on this issue, but depending on which kind of serial installation you are going to perform, you might be better off building a remaster of dsl with the extensions you want and then install the modified image.
Search the wiki about the remaster process.

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