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started by: lacibandi

Posted by lacibandi on May 24 2006,17:16
Darn, i messed up the topic title, it is supposed to be "basics". Sorry. Anyway, here goes:

Hi guys!
Im new to linux and i am starting with DSL. Really cool distro. I've been doing a lot of reading on linux, in this forum and elsewhere but i didn't find the answers i was looking for.
Apt-get is a command, right?
To install applications for my linux, in my case DSL?
If it is, how come it works with DSL if it was made for Debian?

Some other questions, not in relation with apt-get:
Can i get other applications installed for my DSL which arent donwloadable through MyDSL?
If yes, how? (I read some stuff about wine for win32 appz to work under linux).
If yes, how do i know which app can be installed to DSL? (for example: skype is not in MyDSL list of appz however DSL-N already has it.)

Forgive my ignorance, i am a noob.
Please answer the questions here, dont send me to general linux sites with general instructions, because i want to learn how to use DSL.
BTW i got DSL 2.4
Thank you

Posted by kerry on May 25 2006,00:50
What's your specs? How are you running dsl?

Synaptic is the gui for apt-get so you can see the stuff.

apt-get update <- Updates a list of packages available

apt-get -s install (package name) <-to test if there's going to be a problem with install.

apt-get install (package name)<- to install

apt-get -f install<- to try and fix a screw up

i'm not going to explain everything your going to evetually have to read and learn for your self->
< >
< >

Posted by Jumpy on June 22 2006,17:36

i use dsl 3.0, and made an install to hard drive.

Now i want to install ndiswrapper (1.14), because >1.14 can't run my wlan-USB Stick (netgear wg111 v2).

I look for apt-get but this Application is not installed. The same with make or gcc.

Is there a new package-Manager?

Thanks for your help!

Posted by kerry on June 22 2006,18:20
right click>apps>tools> enable apt
Posted by Jumpy on June 22 2006,22:09
Code Sample
root@box:/home/dsl# apt-cache search ndiswrapper-utils
root@box:/home/dsl# apt-cache show ndiswrapper-utils
W: Unable to locate package ndiswrapper-utils
E: No packages found

I try to update apt-get but this didnt slove this. Something i made wrong... but what?

Posted by Jumpy on June 22 2006,23:48
Ohhh ok i have it.

I have to add in
Code Sample

a place where my apt-get can find the files... Ok its all right.

Posted by kerry on June 22 2006,23:52
it might not be in the oldstable repos. i know it's in sarge. change your /etc/apt/sources.list, oldstable to sarge
Posted by Zephrant on June 24 2006,06:20
Quote (kerry @ June 22 2006,11:20)
right click>apps>tools> enable apt

I'm sorry Kerry, but I can't find this in DSL-N. Should it be the same?

Under Apps I have no tools, and under tools, I have no apps or enable apt.

Posted by kerry on June 24 2006,06:39
this is the dsl forum. dsl-n is the other forum. i don't think apt-get works on dsl-n yet.->   < >
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