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started by: Jeena

Posted by Jeena on June 06 2006,20:27
Hi there,

How do I remove packages from DSL which I don't need? When I try apt-get remove packagename after dpkg-restore and apt-get update it says the package is not installed. If I do install a package and then try to remove it, it works well.

I'm trying to do a internet box with a Firefox in fullscreen which opens when I'm booting the box. I do only have something about 250 MB (a flash card or something, no hd) for the kernel, X, a window manager, a dhcp client and the Firefox and all drivers.


Posted by kerry on June 06 2006,22:26
Check this out, it's made from dsl->
< http://kioskcd.com/ >

Posted by kerry on June 06 2006,23:11
Also most packages installed do not so up because they were not installed from apt-get or dpkg. You would have to manually delete what you don't want and deleting the wrong thing can render it useless. I am assuming you are talking about a debian installed version of DSL(aka:hdinstall).
Posted by Jeena on June 07 2006,04:00
kioskcd.com looks really great, thanks :)

And now I understand why I wasn't able do remove this packages, thanks a lot for that too. I'll try kioskcd.

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