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started by: Doud

Posted by Doud on June 24 2006,03:16
Hi there
I use DSL on a Toshiba 460CDT.
Got a USB wireless net, recognised as a Ralink 2570.
Drivers are available here and there either as tar.gz or deb packages.
dpkg -i package.deb fails and I cant compile form tar.gz (no make installed)
Is there a way I can get this compiled or deb package fixed ?
Thanks a lot

Posted by kerry on June 24 2006,04:29
Did you enable apt(apps>tools) so you can use dpkg?
Posted by Doud on June 24 2006,09:04
Yes I have several deb packs installed and working Ok...

Posted by cems on July 02 2006,20:02
I don't see any
"tools" menu under "apps" on a right click.
Nor do I see it under the tools menu itself.

Posted by kerry on July 02 2006,23:20
what version of dsl are you using?
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