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started by: asdir

Posted by asdir on June 25 2006,17:02
I recently installed DLS to my hraddrive and now wanted to find out if the old machine could still run OO.o 2.0x.
Unforunatley "MyDSL" just offers OO.o 1.1.4 and 1.1, so I added repositories to apt-get that surely had the new OO.o . (I tried a few seperately)
However, it appears that apt-get refuses to install OO.o in a newer version for some reason. (It lists the dependencies and claims that it will not install them and in the end asks if broken packages might be involved, which is surely not the reason)
Can someone here explain why apt-get does not want to install the 2.0x version and how I get around that?
Moreover it looks strange that in Synaptic OpenOffice is listed when the new repositories are updated but as soon as I make a tick for installing the program undoes my the ticks and does not let me install OpenOffice.

Thanks in advance for the help...

Posted by kerry on June 25 2006,19:29
open office 2.0 is in the repos under uci
Posted by ZoOp on June 25 2006,19:30

Ooo 2.0 is in the UCI repository


Posted by ZoOp on June 25 2006,19:31
:) nice post-together!
Posted by asdir on June 25 2006,20:31
Thanks people,

I didn't know what "UCI" was for, so I never looked at that place. No wonder I could not find it. :-)

Posted by zdux0013 on July 01 2006,01:11
could put up a list of steps for a newbie like me to reproduce this?
Posted by I went to bed very late on July 01 2006,08:55
Unfortunately you cannot edit the dictionaries within Ooo2.uci
Posted by cems on July 02 2006,19:58
What's UCI?
My more basic question is I have a DSL hard disk install.  I want to find a more full featured editor than TED.  My main objection to TED is the save as.. dialog is too manual rather than presenting a gui file navigator the way AbiWord does.  While that's not a big deal to me, this machine is for a non-techie.

I'm trying to keep the machine fast.  I tried installing DSL-N and the boot time went from 1 mintue 20 seconds to 2 minutes 30 seconds on this 233Mhz Pentium 2.   I'm not sure what all affects the boot times but if the word processor's libraies and required toolkits would somehow affect that then I want to be careful about selecting one that does not slow the whole machine down.

Any suggetions?

Posted by kerry on July 02 2006,23:26
how much ram you got? swap space? type of install?
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