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Topic: apt-get, causing any trouble???
started by: choi

Posted by choi on Aug. 25 2004,12:49
Im just about to go over to DSL. But im kinda hesitating about the apt-get, and if that works alright with debian packages with DSL etc.

Do DSL have there own repositories, or do they use Debian's native?

Im really tired of fedora, and im looking for a small, but efficient linux distro...

Is there anything to worry about using apt-get with DSL?

Posted by SaidinUnleashed on Aug. 25 2004,13:29
hmm, so many questions.

first of all, DSL has 2 ways of installing new software. the first is the myDSL system.

basically, you open it up, it reads which extensions are active in the stable side of the DSL Repository, shows you a list, you click the one you want, and it downloads and installs the package for you. this is the easiest and least painful way to install stuff to DSL. The most common software is found this way. Like Open Office, and the GIMP.

on the other hand, DSL also ises DPKG to add new stuff straight from the Debian servers. there are a few packages that if you use apt-get to install them it will break DSL, but most of the normal packages work just fine.

But, anything that you download to install that requires that you recompile the kernel, well, you're kinda outta luck. DSL doesnt include the kernel source, but if you find the appropriate version 3.3 that uses the 2.4.22-xfs kernel, you can use that to extract the kernel source to use.

hope this helps.


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