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started by: juan

Posted by juan on Dec. 03 2003,04:00
I tried to install lynx 2.8 browser using apt-get. When installing it the installation process got interrupted. I had to reboot and when trying to install again using apt-get I got the following prompt "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpgk --configure -a' to correct the problem"
Need some help about what to do.


Posted by DrWatt on Dec. 03 2003,07:02
I know this seems really obvious, but have you tried typing

dpgk --configure -a

as the message said?

I have had several failures of apt-get from time to time. Its usually because I either didnt have a net connection, forgot to do an apt-get update after a new install, or because I needed to set my source to sid. Hope that helps.

Posted by dyad on Dec. 31 2003,17:52
Sorry but the information on this thread is wrong.

"dpgk --configure -a"  as was pointed out several times is wrong.

"dpkg --configure -a" might be what they wanted to say.

 I find advanced scripts posted, but I have yet to get the apt-get system to work.  It seems I need to create the directory /var/lib/dpkg and I don't think I should be doing that by hand.  Is there a script I should know about?

 Thank you for your volinteer help.  It just gets fustrating on a 2.1 k baud rate dial up service way out in the country.  It took 6 hours to down load the new 5.2.  another problem is having to disconnect one damnsmall laptop and redialing using another computer to read the forum and figure out what is going on, and post this note.

  I got laid off Dec 12, and as an Engineer this wonderful damnsmall gives me a way to feel like I am back at work with my T1 line working on php scripts.  I rant but if this were not here my wife would have to listen to technical talk.  Thanks again..

  Bill Savoie

Found the problem.  Run 'dpkg-restore' as root. works great!

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