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started by: jarjar26

Posted by jarjar26 on Nov. 28 2003,02:43
I have succesfuly install Damn Small on my hd, now i try to use apt-get to update prog, but  i have error :

Could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status - open

How could resolv that ?

Posted by matthewallen on Nov. 28 2003,08:29
1. Open an xterminal
2. sudo su
3. cd /var/lib/
4. mkdir dpkg
5. cd dpkg
6. in dpkg you need to create an empty file named status.
I know there is a quick way to do it, but I'm pretty new to linux so i just opened nedit and saved an empty file called status.
7. apt-get update!!!!!

Oddly enough I just installed DSL for the first time this afternoon, and only got online this evening to do an apt-get. This appears to have worked for me. I dont know why it isnt set up automatically

Posted by matthewallen on Nov. 28 2003,08:50
Actually this doesnt completly solve the problem. Im still trying to figure out what is going wrong. It looks like dpkg was configured correctly. I'm thinking I need to troll through the forum a bit more before I post. :)


Posted by matthewallen on Nov. 28 2003,09:18
ok I needed to do a bit more RTFM'ing. It appears in order to get apt-get to work correctly you should download the dpkg.tar.gz at the bottom of the downloads page on the main site. My connection is painfully slow so I wont be able to tell you if it works until a bit later.
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