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Topic: options on apt-get... to install PHP4 for monkey
started by: pat

Posted by pat on Dec. 13 2003,18:04
hi all.

i have some problems to install a web server. :(

i wanted to install apache - but theres dependencies problems (it needs apache-common and perl) the solution was only to use monkey web server. ok

i wanted to install PHP4 and mysql. theres depedencies problems (it needs apache-common). i could see the reason here > < http://monkeyd.sourceforge.net/docs/monkey+php.en.html >
i have seen on the monkey web site that i have to compile PHP4 for monkey with the option --prefix=/home/my_home/php/ and for mysql --with-mysql. then i download PHP4, i launch ./configure --.etc.. but the output is *..../dev/null: Permission denied*

what is the solution now?
did i miss something?
can you help me please?
is there a solution with apt? and put on it an option when you install PHP4 (apt-get install php4 --prefix=..etc)

thanks a lot to have read me. (maybe theres a solution)

Posted by sevengraff on Dec. 13 2003,20:23
apt-get didn't resolve the apache-common dependancies? Usually it will tell you that it's going to download these things too.
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