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Topic: Trying to install uqm...
started by: Zucca

Posted by Zucca on July 09 2006,14:43
Code Sample
# apt-get install uqm
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
E: Couldn't find package uqm

Why's that?

Posted by kerry on July 09 2006,20:18
What repo you using? i have found you can use sarge with out that many problems, if you use etch or sid you'll get screwed.

So try changing your /etc/apt/sources.list, change where it says oldstable to sarge. then apt-get update and  apt-get install uqm

If you got the space the synaptic in sarge is much better(apt-get install synaptic) then you could look at it and just find your package click on it and mark for install.

those kind of errors are common with apt-get, you could have the wrong name, a trick i use is to put the repo adress in a browser and go there to find the name when i'm not using synaptic.

Yep,it's in stable(a.k.a sarge) i just did a search over on debian-> < >

Posted by Zucca on July 09 2006,21:11
Ok. I'm quite a noob with apt...
Posted by kerry on July 10 2006,02:50
not a big deal, were all noobs at one time. i still consider myself a noob even though i've been using for well over 3 years, i've found linux to be a never ending source of learning. :D
but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty close to the many types of package installers out there like yum,slapt-get, you can move from one distro to another and still feel you all ready know it.

Posted by Zucca on July 10 2006,04:44
I've been using Gentoo only. =D
But I like to learn Debian.

Posted by Zucca on July 10 2006,05:37
Ok... I think I learned something... Yes. It worked. Thanks. :)
But. Is it possible to config settings to make apt-get take a package from oldstable if found? If not found then from sarge?

Posted by kerry on July 10 2006,06:57
Hmm, i usally do that with synaptic's preference setting. i don't know if you can do that with apt-get it self automatically. i know you can specify where to install from in the command. if your up for a little reading you can read the manual here -> < >

i've never actually read it all myself as i prefer to use the gui(synaptic) rather than command line, plus i've got a bad memory and it's hard for me to remember all those commands. ;)

Posted by Zucca on July 10 2006,07:09
About half of the time when I'm 'using' my computer I'm accessing into it via ssh. That's why I prefer CLI. :;):

But anyway. It's studying time! \o_

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