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started by: MrBear37

Posted by MrBear37 on Jan. 11 2004,20:25
Grettings all !

 I recently did a HD install of DSL. and I love it.. one small glitch I have run into..

 When I run the apt-get update I get and error stating :
" Read error ( 21 is a directory) " and then another error that states could not Parse the file.. "

 The only sources in my list are the " Debian Stable" from and also the Security.  site..

 Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated !

THanks !
Mark :(

Posted by CappyCaffeine on Jan. 13 2004,05:13
before you run apt-get update run:


then run apt-get update..


Posted by MrBear37 on Jan. 14 2004,00:20
THanks Cappy !

  It worked like a charm... musta been havin some newbie bluz  :)

Thanks for getting me together !

Mark :D

Posted by CappyCaffeine on Jan. 14 2004,05:56
Glad I could help out.. Happy DSLling!


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