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started by: pretz

Posted by pretz on July 13 2006,03:08

I am a new linux user, been spending many hours trying to get comfortable with the environment. I have debian installation on hda2. Currently trying to get wine working and test it with Starcraft.

I used mydsl to get wine20050524.uci and it works fine, but it could install the game but could not run it, saying something about 'unable to switch display settings' and the control panel didn't work at all.

So I decided to get wine from winehq.com
went to < http://www.winehq.com/site/download-deb > and updated the source.list
(There were two deb source for Ubuntu, neither worked)

The errors message said I have unmet dependencies while installing wine from apt-get:


libstdc++6 but it is not installable
libxxf86dga1 but it is not installable
freeglut3 but it is not installable
...(long list)
E:Broken packages

How do I get that to work? and is there a way to install wine without too much hassle? (Other than mounting wine20050524.uci)


Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 13 2006,04:00
This is just a guess, but did you install the XFree86.dsl yet?  If not, that may solve this problem...
Posted by pretz on July 13 2006,05:34
Thanks for the reply,

I went to mydsl and downloaded a number of .dsl files, namely

libc6.dsl (and -dev)
libncurses5.dsl (and -dev)

but the same list of unmet dependencies remain (I have repeatedly told mydsl browser to load local .dsl where they were saved - same results), that leads me to wonder whether I have installed any of the libraries at all.

One other question is I am not sure whether I have installed XFree86 correctly. I did follow the instructions from XFree86.dsl.info, but don't know how to check if it is running or not.


Posted by pretz on July 13 2006,06:11
haha, oh man.

I copied the .dsl files to /
and then did tar -zxvf xxxx.dsl on each
files were extracted to /lib /usr/xxx  etc.

all of that was fine, until I did this in /:
sudo mv lib usr/lib (I can't remember what exactly it was)

woops. now all the commands like ls and rm don't work anymore. I get this line everytime:
-bash: /bin/ls: No such file or directory

I was supposed to move * in /lib to /usr/lib because I thought the directory /lib was newly created and didn't matter if I moved them anywhere.

I don't know what I can do now, probably scrape it and start all over. They should keep the sudo command away from naughty children. :p

Posted by ^thehatsrule^ on July 13 2006,23:42
look in /var/log/XFree86.0.log if theres anything if you want to see if XF86 loaded correctly

Also, my earlier suggestion did not have to do with your unmet dependencies.  The wine uci in the repository should work anyways.

In regards to your last statement, you might want to try a frugal installation.

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